About Samanvaya

Human Resources are an integral part of any organization, but it has always been perceived as very dormant and less valuable. But the times are changing; Indian government is formulating new policies which are attracting investors from all over the world. Organizations in India will be looking for people with skills that will help them sustain their competitive advantage. Now the questions will arise whether to attract talent from outside or improve the skills of the people already working in the organization? Will recruiting people in the times of growth be beneficial in the long term or not? What challenges will an organization be facing regarding their learning and development programmes?

The answer to these questions can be best answered by seasoned industry leaders and academicians who are well versed with these concepts both in theory and practice. Samanvaya, the annual HR Conclave of IIM Kashipur, provides one such platform for discussion on current best practices. It is a symposium for synergy and synthesis on various contemporary topics from the field of human resources and leadership development.

Samanvaya 2011, the 1st edition of the annual HR summit was held on December 15th 2011 in the institute campus. Eminent professionals from the fields of HR, academia and students got a platform to put forward their views on ‘Aligning Employee Goals with Corporate Vision’. Focus of the 2nd edition of the HR summit was on ‘Emerging Paradigms in HR’ which further divided into three session and the topics were “HR as a Strategic Function”, “HR in a Networked Organization” and “Managing Human Capital across Cultures”. The 3rd edition of the HR summit was held on December 20 2014 in Indian Habitat Center Delhi which consisted of topics ‘Reskilled HR: Transforming HR professionals into skilled Business consultants’ and ‘Talent Analytics: Need of the hour’.

Now we are looking forward for the 4th edition of Samanvaya which will consist of topics “Challenges for developing a learning culture in an organization: Indian Context” and “Inclusion of Social Media in the Pre-Recruitment process”.

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